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Fukushima - The Secret™

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Bestselling author Vindal Vandakoff, who lives in Japan just one hundred kilometres from the Fukushima nuclear power station, writes a chilling account of what happened on the day of the earthquake and tsunami.

Caught in middle of the catastrophe he gives a firsthand description of the events that took place over the weeks after the tsunami struck the Daichi power plant. He follows the plight of several people who survive the tsunami, some of whom then must try and escape the massive amount of radiation that is spewed out by the destroyed nuclear power plant.

He goes in detail about the cover-ups and lies the Japanese government and Tokyo Electric Power Company propagated to Japanese public brainwashing them into thinking everything is okay and there is nothing to worry about. He exposes the perilous situation that still exists at the power plant, which is still releasing 10,000,000 bq of radiation per hour one and a half years after the accident. He brings to light a world catastrophe that is waiting to happen; the Number Four Reactor building is leaning dangerously to one side and could collapse at any time releasing more than two hundred times more radiation than Chernobyl.

This will make Japan uninhabitable and affect every person on the planet. A must read for anyone who is concerned about the future of this planet.